1. Enhance Entrepreneurial values among youth and facilitate their choosing Entrepreneurship as a preferred career.
  2. Facilitate the introduction of entrepreneurship courses in the academic system.
  3. Strategies for development of competent Entrepreneurship in industrial and service sectors through research studies and consultancy services.
  4. Promote Networking with National and International agencies, NGOs, and Government organizations for developing & promoting Entrepreneurship, facilitating technology transfer, product development, partnering, and market accessibility.
  5. To be the “Centre of Learning”, for trainers on Entrepreneurship development.
  6. Capacity building\Enhancement of Entrepreneurship development.
  7. Build capacities of country-level agencies for Institutionalization of Entrepreneurship.
  8. Vocational training to school dropouts, existing workers to improve their employability by optimally utilising the available infrastructure in the Government, Private and Public Sectors.
  9. Expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation, Development and Dissemination of training manuals and modules on varied subjects.